Ever needed a lawyer for your business?
- If so, you know how stressful it can be -
Once you need one, it's too late or will be very expensive

In less than 5 minutes this easy to read report will help you to...

- Avoid costly legal disputes eating up your time and profit
- Avoid cashflow emergencies that come from not getting paid on time
- Avoid being caught out by hidden clauses that can take down your business
- Avoid giving investors too much control over the business you have taken so much time to build
- Avoid letting larger businesses than yours dominate your in joint venture negotiations
- Avoid simple mistakes that speakers make on stage that get them into trouble, like offering credit

​​Take our Legal Health Check to get instant personalised recommendations for your business​​

Stephanie Brewer, DIYDoers.com

"easy to complete and easy to understand for me and my business partner. Lots of information to put us on the right track"

An Coppens, Gamification Nation

"Jo is a lawyer that understand the challenges of a small business. ... I would highly recommend first of all her legal healthcheck and then all other future services she provides."

Kim Guest, Isoshealth

"it gave me peace of mind"

Want to know more?
There is so much to consider before you even go ahead and make the first step. 

However, the legal side of things can be a minefield, and is enough to stop anybody from actually pursuing their dream of being their own boss, for fear of making a monumental mistake and ultimately, losing out.     
The impact of a seemingly small mistake or oversight could be catastrophic not just for your business, but for your family and their lifestyle, and it is often this sobering thought that holds people back. So how would you feel if I said that there was a way that you could allay all of those fears and which would allow you to focus on your business and its growth, instead of the worry?
This is why I came up with the unique concept of the Navistar Legal Health Check.
It is designed to be of benefit to small businesses or solopreneurs who are just starting out and need guidance on where they stand in all things legal. 

This could be anything from checking your terms and conditions, to areas where you are at risk of liability. It will give you a complete understanding of every legal issue that could impact your business, so you won’t be left fretting over whether or not you have covered all areas. This service has also been designed for businesses that have been operating for a while, but may want to have another look at where are in general from a legal standpoint, or if a legal issue has arisen and they need clarification on what to do next. 

The Health Check will equip you with a jargon free report, that is prioritised in order of any risks your business is facing so that you can deal with the most important issues first. I do not wish to alienate people by using business speak. This in itself can be very off putting and can leave you wondering if you have missed something, if you don’t understand the terms that are being bandied about. You will also be given practical advice and strategies on how to handle these issues by yourself, without incurring expensive charges. Essentially you are being guided through the process by a down to earth and highly experienced lawyer, who gives a human face to a normally impersonal and laborious task.

All of our advice is tailored to your own business. It is given after listening to you and connecting with you, and after we have looked at every aspect of your business model. It is made-to-fit, and is not just a bog standard generalized advice package. I have worked in so many different businesses, from the largest, to the smallest and in each case it is clear that every business is somebody’s ’baby’ and is as unique to them, as any child is unique to their parent. It is so important to me to stress that you will be understood and heard if you choose to access the Health Check.

The service encapsulates my ‘Affordable Wisdom’ strategy. By this, I mean that I am passionate about helping to nurture and grow new and existing small to medium sized enterprises, but without the hefty price tag that comes along with quality advice. After working as an in house lawyer for over 8 years I am highly experienced and wanted make that experience more accessible to every solopreneur or small business owner. My vision is that trusted wisdom should take the place of expensive legal advice.

Business owners should not have to take higher risks, or pay higher costs when issues arise, due to the fact that they have not been able to afford the advice required to protect themselves from the get go.

The Navistar Legal Health Check only cost £129. I think you would agree that this small sum is worthwhile if it gives you complete peace of mind.